cv polyuethane coach paint

C.V Polyurethane is an advanced formula One Pack Synthetic Enamel with fast drying properties, suitable for coach paint commercial vehicle Trucks and vans. Woodwork


Ready Mixed Colours


Full Gloss


105.010 – C.V Polyurethene Ready Mixed colours
105.004 – C.V Polyurethane hi-gloss clearcoat
107.002 – Autocote fast thinner.
107.013 – Autocote slow thinner.


A coverage of 8-10m SQ/mt per LTR per coat


Flashpoint Above 32°c ( Flammable )

Application Substrates

C.V Polyurethane hi-gloss colours can be applied over sanded original finishes, except thermoplastic acrylic which requires the application of a barrier coat.
– Original finishes
– Hardwood & softwood.
– White ground coat is needed on fluorescent colours

Surface preparation

Dry sand with p320-p400 free cut paper
Wet sand with p800-p1000 wet or dry paper.

Spraying Viscosity

C.V Polyurethane Hi-Gloss Ready for use to a spraying viscosity of 20-28 secs Din4 at 20°c (25-35 secs BSB4 Cup).

Brush Application

Apply by brush as a coach paint rfu viscosity using a large brush. 2 coats is normally applied
To slow cv polyurethane-gloss clearcoat an addition of 2% slow thinners is recommended.

Spraygun fluid tip and working pressure
tip pressure
Gravity feed Spraygun 1.5mm 2-4 bar
(30-60 psi)
Suction feed Spraygun 1.5mm 2-4 bar
(30-60 psi


Spray one single medium coat on commercial vehicle 20 minutes flash off (until touch dry).
Spray one further full wet coat to full gloss, or double header coat.


20°c metal temperature

Dust free 40 mins
Tack free 4 hrs
tape time 6 hrs
Hard dry 16 hrs


Reacoatable after drying times under hard dry ,if flatting is necessary when fully cured flat with p1000 and leave open before recoating.


12 months for unopened cans.
Ambient temperature for application is above 10°c. low humidity /dry conditions.

Cleaning solvent

Mirror low cost thinner

Chemical Resistance

For greater chemical resistance use Mirrorcryl Ready mixed colours.

Material safety data sheet