The colourbook

A colour listing guide for the range of Car, Commercial Vehicle, Transport, Agricultural, Farm equipment, and Industrial Colours in use in the uk and world.

Listed in Manufacturer and colour standard order for easy reference, the list is forever expanding with new colours, once a colour is identified you can ordered directly from the listing the paint product and quantity you require.

Mirrorcryl 2k acrylic kits – A tough two pack high performance acrylic enamel for automotive, commercial vehicle and equipment, this is a high gloss exterior durable product and can be ordered in kit form with paint, hardener and thinner included, and also with a Aerosol in pre-activated Mirrorcryl 2k..

Mirrorlaq kits– Quality Nitrocellulose for automotive, bike commercial vehicle part repairs or repaints, this is a high gloss fast drying product for full and part repairs , ordered in kit form with the correct product and quantities needed for the paint ordered, also with an Aerosol choice and is available in a full range if gloss levels.

Mirrorfast kits – Air dry thermoplastic acrylic, with superior drying qualities and fast polishablity for spot repairs and available in Aerosol

CV polyurethane enamel Kits – Commercial vehicle paint High gloss from the gun spray paint. Vans and industrial application where durability and high gloss are required, spray application is normal but can be brush applied, and available in Aerosol.

CV coachpaint – Traditional Exterior brushing Coachpaint product slow drying high gloss for Bus, coach, Machine and equipment , this is normal brushed but can be applied by spray, and is available in Aerosol.

Lazergloss Brushable – Quick drying product for application to wide range of substrates ,wood , metal, more a decorative coating but is available in a full range if gloss levels

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