Mirrorlaq Cellulose Technical Information

Mirrorlaq Cellulose Technical Information .

Quick drying Quality Nitrocellulose car paint for automotive part repairs or repaints ,Industrial work and exterior woodwork ,extremely fast flash-off and polish to a full gloss using this auto car paint

Full colour availability

Full Gloss ,satin or matt available

110.010 – Mirrorlaq Ready mixed colours
110.012 – Mirrorlaq fluorescent colours:
110.010 – Mirrorlaq metallic colours:
110.010 – Mirrorlaq satin black
110.010 – Mirrorlaq matt black

Mirrorlaq fast thinner – for normal speed and performance and high gloss.
Mirrorlaq slow thinner – larger areas and blending
Mirror low cost thinner

A coverage of 8-9m sq/mtr per ltr

Flash point
below 22°c (Highly Flammable)

Application Substrates
Mirrorlaq ready mixed colours can be applied over sanded and degreased
original finishes .
-Tempo-filler shades
-Washfiller etch.

Surface preparation
Degrease with Quick wipe degreaser.
Dry sand with p320-p400 grade paper.
Wet sand with p800-p1000 grade paper.
Degrease with Quick wipe degreaser.

Mixing Instructions
Mixing ratio is 100 parts Mirrorlaq 100-150 parts Mirrorfast thinner.
With some colours ,a greater amount of thinner will enhance the sprayablity ,flow and polishablity. Especially for matt and satin straining is recommended.
Metallic colours mixing ratio is 100 Mirrorlaq 150 parts Mirrorlaq thinner.

Spraying viscosity
12- 20s Din cup 4 at 20°c (20-30s BSB4 cup)
Spraygun fluid tip and working pressure
tip pressure
Gravity feed Spraygun 1.5mm 2-4 bar
(30-60 psi)
Suction feed Spraygun 1.8mm 2-4 bar
(30-60 psi)

Application process
Spray single coats until full opacity is achieved (with most colours 3-4 single coats is sufficient). Flash off times will vary depending on temperature, the type of thinners used and conditions of application, please allow each coat to become touch dry before applying the following coat. Satin and Matt colours must have correct film thickness.

Blending and fading out techniques:
Fade-outs are extremely easy with Mirrorlaq ,Reduce pressure to (5-7psi),
dissolve by fading pure Mirrorlaq slow thinner immediately after last coat.

Fluorescent colours
The system comprises of 2 basecoats and clear finish.First apply 3 full coats of Mirrorlaq groundcoat brilliant white with full flash-off time between coats.
After 15 mins flash-off time apply 3 full coats Fluorescent basecoat, or until correct opacity is achieved.
After 30 mins flash-off times 3-4 coats of ready for use Mirrorlaq clear can be applied.
For extra durability 2 coats of mirrcryl clear two pack acrylic lacquer can be applied, especially if petrol resistance is required i.e.: motor bike petrol tanks.

Dust free 5 – 7mins
Tack free 15 mins
Hard dry 4 hrs

Reacoatable after correct flash-off times

Areas may have a light flat with P1200 Wet or Dry and polished when dry with reflection finishing surfaces.

12 months for unopened cans.
Ambient temperature for application is above 10°c low humidity /dry conditions.

Cleaning solvent
Mirror low cost thinner